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Dog Training: Take it to the Streets

Leadership and Obedience Training for you and your dog

Last Chance Dog Services is now offering a Leadership/Obedience group training class for dogs with no aggression. 

We begin this dynamic, fun class with a full assessment to help you figure out where you and your dog are together at the starting gate - through 7 structured 1 hour classes, followed by a 1/2 hour social time each week - and then we Take it to the Streets for your last class with our trainers.

In this class you and your dog will learn all of the basics including:

  • Sit
  • Down 
  • Down/Stay
  • Down from a distance 
  • Recall training 
  • Polite leash walking  

You will learn hand signals, voice commands and we even do a silent class where you can't talk at all (that is always a fun one).
We switch it up and we switch dogs.  We put them in a down and we walk away.  We hide behind trees and we have tons of fun.
And if you are up for still more, one of our trainers will meet you for a training walk to hone your skills even further.

Time: Saturday Morning

Location: Metchosin

Cost: $480 for 8 classes, including full assessment

Contact us to register. 

Dog Walking with a Professional Trainer

If you are challenged with taking what you have learned with your dog out into the ‘real world’, take one of our Professional Trainers with you. Last Chance can help you to make any adjustments that may be needed to help you have a balanced and connected walk with your companion. Our trainer can walk your dog with you, or get things tuned up while you are at work or on vacation.

1.5 hour dog walk $30.00

1.5 hour dog walk with human training $60.00

Contact us to register.

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