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Last Chance Team



Meet The Last Chance Team With Their Dogs

Ron Anwyll and Skye
Owner/Manager, Trainer, Re-Homing, Dog Walking with Training
ronskye2 As the owner of Last Chance, Ron Anwyll is bringing his passion and experience to the forefront.  Ron first came to Last Chance as a client.  It was apparent very quickly that training dogs and their humans is what Ron was meant to do.  Ron trained under Geoff with focused intention and determination to become the best dog trainer that he could be.  Adding to his understanding of all things dog, Ron has exceptional communication skills after 13 years experience with the Need/Crisis Intervention line and 2 years as an Addiction Outreach worker.  Ron honed his dog skills at the SPCA as a volunteer and is certified with St. John’s Ambulance in animal CPR and First Aid as well as completed a course on Animal Behaviour with the University of Melbourne.   Ron and his training partner ‘Skye’, along with his experienced team will help you stretch to be all that you can be with your dog.

Deb Quaite and Gunner
Trainer, Re-Homing, Tracking Class
 Deb Quaite and Gunner, Last Chance Dog Team Deb has had a passion for dogs and horses all of her life.  Deb’s many years of experience working with horses serves her well as a dog trainer.  Deb has a way of getting to the heart of a problem with a dog and handler and has a no nonsense and loving way of getting the job done. While Deb is working with your dog, if you hear her say to him or her “you have got to be kidding me!” know that Deb has your dog well in hand. Deb may be only 5 feet tall, but she is a dynamo.  Deb can show you how to effectively handle the biggest dog no matter what your size, helping you to strengthen the bond that you have with your companion. 





We Give You Hope

Hope, Last Chance Dog Team

                        Geoff Cooke and Jan Bettinson


Geoff and Jan are the founders of Last Chance Dog Services.  In 2006 Geoff and Jan teamed up to help re-home dogs for owners who had run out of options when their life circumstances changed.  Geoff’s experience in handling and training all manner of dogs provided the expertise needed for full assessments to determine where each dog might best be placed.  Jan began distributing a Newsletter to their growing dog ‘community’ to showcase the dogs that came to Last Chance for adoption.


Over time, it became clear that many of the dogs that came to Last Chance for re-homing were simply in need of training to better fit into their families.  Geoff and Jan began offering home visits and private sessions to help people learn to relate to their dogs with new understanding, enabling these dogs to remain in their homes.  Group training grew out of the need for socialization.


Geoff’s interest and love of working with difficult and troubled dogs, during his 3 years working at the CRD pound, along with his 25 years of teaching Tai Chi led Last Chance into rehabilitation.  Geoff and Jan were influenced by several trainers over their years of working with dogs - Cesar Millan was among them as they developed their own style of sharing The Dog Whisperer’s philosophies.


Last Chance grew to include the many services offered now, joined by a highly experienced and passionate team.


Geoff and Jan and their 5 dogs have ‘retired’ from the day to day operations of the business, and now serve as consultants and provide private training for Last Chance.  Their focus has always been on strengthening the bond between people and dogs through leadership, heart connection and play.  Ron and the new team embrace this heart centred philosophy and bring their own no nonsense but upbeat approach to LCDS as it continues to evolve and grow.


Geoff still offers his unique style of teaching to the Group Class and Geoff and Jan, as a team, continue to publish the monthly newsletter.
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