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We are immensely grateful for the training we took with Geoff and Jan at Last Chance Dog Services. My husband and I bought a Golden-Doodle puppy two years ago. It is fairly well known that they, like most puppies, have high energy. And believe me, Izzy has high energy. Geoff quickly helped us become the pack leader and it has made the most amazing difference.
Izzy is a now a happy, well mannered dog.
It is important to socialize a dog. It is important to exercise a dog. We did that with our training and continue each day and on our Monday morning hikes with Jan and Geoff and others’ dogs and dog people who have been through their training program. We understand how important it is to exercise and socialize our pet. If you pay attention to what Geoff has to say, and then continue with what you have learned in your classes you will have a great dog!
I have seen the most astonishing transformations in a variety of dogs that go through their classes, old and young dogs alike. Some dogs start off with aggression to other dogs, even human aggressive behavior and before long have a whole new personality….a nice one.
We highly recommend Last Chance Dog Services. Geoff and Jan have helped make our “dog days” a most delightful part of our lives.

Ernie and Valerie Lechner
Victoria, B.C.


hey we love you guys:

You have changed the way we handle our dog. She is totally different. She is not a purebred or anything special to anyone else but us, but we love her. Thanks for helping us.

Alex and Nancy Brothers
Victoria, BC


Hello Jan and Geoff,

I just wanted to give you an update on Max, our big loveable Neufie-Shepherd-X.
As you are aware, Max has been adopted and his new family has been incredibly patient with our situation to the point of allowing a gradual adoption to take place. As of tomorrow morning, Max will be moving in to his new home on a permanent basis.

Although this experience has been heart breaking as joomh and I must part with Max, we have also found it to be incredibly rewarding as you and Geoff certainly taught us how to see another side of Max. We would like to express our gratitude to both of you for your support, guidance and most of all for finding a wonderful new home for our Max.

We wish you the very best at "Last Chance"!

Many thanks,
joomh, Margarita and Max.


My husband found an ad for "Buddy", a 6 year old Wolfdog in a Shitz Tzu suit on the Last Chance Dog Services web site. Buddy's owners were no longer able to keep him as he had a tendency to bite people - and dogs in the face! We felt for Buddy and quickly contacted Last Chance.

Buddy, now Frank, has been in our lives for nearly 7 months, and we both feel that this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of our lives. We have watched Frank change from a nervous, aggressive, and unsocial dog, to a lovable and loyal companion. He is a completely different dog than when he came to us.

With the support that Jan and Geoff have provided through their knowledge and leadership/obedience training, we have given Frank another chance to be a happy, balanced dog. We have become part of a wonderful network of people and dogs. It has opened our eyes to a simpler and more relaxed approach to life, living in the moment.

We look forward to Jan's weekly newsletters, our walks on Lucky Dog Mondays and Two Dog Tuesdays which have allowed all of us to make new friends, get exercise and learn amazing lessons about the way our dogs behave. We are both so grateful for Jan and Geoff at Last Chance Dog Services, and feel that our story is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks!


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