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To find a new home for your dog we offer a number of options:

  • A full assessment by our professional rehoming team.
  • Colour picture and trainer’s biography listed on www.lastchancedogservices.com
  • Screening of potential adoptive homes

Our re-homing team will meet with you and your dog to do an assessment of his/her personality and to establish what type of home would be most suitable.
We then post your dog on our website for adoption with comments and recommendations.
As potential adoptive parents come forward we will interview them and pass on to you any that we feel may be suitable to adopt your pet. We will help you to make your decision based on the choices you have and will help to settle your dog into their new home if that is required.

Re-Homing Service Rates

Assessment fee: $120.00

Listing on www.lastchancedogservices.com , including picture and biography.

This includes interviewing of potential adoptive homes and final consultation with you to help you make the best choice from the homes for your dog.


Contact us to book an assessment appointment.

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