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Group Leadership Training For a Well Mannered Dog

Basic Level

Our goal is to train you to be a dog handler. We know that a balanced relationship is one that fills the needs of all in the partnership. Our emphasis on a heart/mind connection in your training will bring you to that place as you learn to communicate with your dog. Then, we do the work...

  Thru small steps we will teach you the basics of obedience training.  As your confidence, skills and connection with your dog increases we will assist you in challenging yourself by varying the distraction levels.  Because individual attention is often needed, we have a training team of 4 who are available to assist with any challenges. When necessary a trainer will be paired with a handler until the handler masters a specified lesson.

Pack-Training will alternate between ‘on leash’ and ‘off leash’. Learning voice, hand signals, and silent commands, handlers will:

  • Walk their dogs on leash without them pulling or resisting.
  • Have their dogs stop and sit at heel
  • Turn their dogs left and right and about turn
  • Keep their dogs in a stay (sitting, lying down or standing)
  • Recall their dogs from 100 meters away
  • ‘Stay’ their dogs in the middle of a recall
  • Correct unwanted behavior


Our starting point is a full Assessment/Consultation where one of our training staff would work one on one with your dog to get a sense of what he is about.  During this time another trainer would sit with you and give a running commentary of what we are seeing as well as ask questions and give information.


1.5 - 2.5 hours full assessment/consultation ______________$120.00

8 classes (1 hr group training) followed by a ½ hour socialization group pack-training and/or playtime distraction training.

Included in the group class fee we encourage another member of your household (if applicable) to participate in the group to assist everyone being on the same page with your dogs training.  We supply one of our training dogs to work with your partner/family member.

Upon completion of the group classes you will be eligible to participate in our weekly packwalk with our training staff to assist you putting what you have learned into "real world'' scenarios on the local trails.

This includes 7 day a week telephone/email support for any questions or concerns that may arise

Cost _______________________ $480.00

Additional one on one training (if deemed necessary prior to group training) _____ $100 per 1.25hrs for private or specific training, $120 per 1.25 for home training or site specific training.

Contact us for the next start date, time and to register.

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