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Kodi and Keisha

Kodi adn Keisha, Pomeranian

Name: Kodi and Keisha 
Breed: Pomeranian 
Age: 4 years 
Weight: 13 lbs 
Fees: Adoption process suspended at the moment 
Status: Adopted 
Shots: Up to Date

Bio: Kodi(M) and Keisha(F) are beautiful Pomeranians that have been together since Keisha was 8 weeks old. They are siblings from different litters. The current owner has insisted that they be adopted out together. Kodi and Keisha love being in the presence of humans and would do best with a couple that has ample time for both of them. The current owner would like to remain in contact with the dogs and beable to visit them. In the assessment, Kodi 4 yr (M) walked very well on leash. He knows his basic commands (sit/stay). He was very affectionate and showed no signs of aggression. He is great with older children. When approched by a larger dog in the assessment, Kodi responded appropriately showing no signs of nervousness. He has shown nervous aggression towards bigger dogs in the past when passing on the street/trails. Kodi isn't great around cats. Kodi does suffer from a seizure disorder which is very well controlled with daily medication and a healthy diet. The seizure medication is about $15-$20 per month. Kodi loves his walks and should have a minimum 1 hour walk daily. Keisha 3 yr (F) walked very well on leash as well and knows her basic commands. She is slightly timid. Keisha showed no signs of aggression and is very affectionate. Keisha too is abit nervous around larger dogs but responed very well when approched by a larger dog during the assessment. Keisha showed slight seperation anxiety when she was seperated from Kodi. She too should have a minimum 1 hour walk daily. We feel Kodi and Keisha are well balanced, affectionate dogs. They are great company to have around and would be ideal pets for the right home.

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