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Charlie, Irish Setter/Australian Shepherd

Name: Shadow
Breed: Irish Setter/Australian Shepherd 
Age: 14 Months
Weight: 60 lbs 
Status: Adopted 
Shots: Up to date/Neutured 

Shadow is a handsome boy full of enthusiasm and love. His current family had to make the heartbreaking decision to find Shadow a new home due to their young daughter’s severe allergies. Shadow’s new owners will feel they have hit the jackpot with this guy.


Shadow is crate trained and can be left alone for short periods of time.


Shadow may be a little cautious when meeting new people especially men, but soon finds himself ready to play, work, or whatever his human may ask of him. He plays well with other dogs and has spent time at doggy daycare. Shadow has not had the opportunity to interact with cats. He may chase wildlife but will come when called. Shadow is good with children and has a very gentle mouth, he shares his food and toys well. He will bark at the window but will stop when called. This boy would make a great companion for a medium to high energy dog who loves to play.


Shadow would do best in a home with a family that will include a dog in outdoor activities – Shadow makes a great running companion and would excel at agility or tracking. He is eager to please and very attentive. The eight classes that are included with the adoption fee will make Shadow a dog that anyone would be proud to own.

Charlie, Standard Poodle

Name: Charlie
Breed: Standard Poodle 
Age: 20 Months (8) 
Weight: 46 lbs 
Status: Adopted 
Shots: Up to date/Neutured 

Charlie is an energetic boy who loves his people and is a sweet gentleman in the house. His owners have made the difficult decision to find Charlie a new home as he is one of two brothers and they are finding the two dogs, as a team, to be too much. We think that Charlie would be happiest as an only dog. He currently lives in a home with cats. Charlie can be assertive when meeting others dogs, but would benefit greatly from a good long walk or run each day. He needs someone who will appreciate his zeal for exercise but also be structured in his training.


Charlie has no issues with sharing his toys or food with his humans and looks forward to his treat of a piece of apple each night. He is an alert boy who will bark to let you know someone is coming but settles once you are aware. He is also crate trained and can be left alone for short periods. He has not had the opportunity to interact with children.


Charlie has had some professional training but needs more reinforcement. He demonstrates the intelligence of his breed and will excel in his obedience if put through the eight classes included in his adoption fee. We would like to see Charlie with an active person, perhaps a jogger or hiker, and someone who can engage him mentally.

Kodi adn Keisha, Pomeranian

Name: Kodi and Keisha 
Breed: Pomeranian 
Age: 4 years 
Weight: 13 lbs 
Fees: Adoption process suspended at the moment 
Status: Adopted 
Shots: Up to Date

Bio: Kodi(M) and Keisha(F) are beautiful Pomeranians that have been together since Keisha was 8 weeks old. They are siblings from different litters. The current owner has insisted that they be adopted out together. Kodi and Keisha love being in the presence of humans and would do best with a couple that has ample time for both of them. The current owner would like to remain in contact with the dogs and beable to visit them. In the assessment, Kodi 4 yr (M) walked very well on leash. He knows his basic commands (sit/stay). He was very affectionate and showed no signs of aggression. He is great with older children. When approched by a larger dog in the assessment, Kodi responded appropriately showing no signs of nervousness. He has shown nervous aggression towards bigger dogs in the past when passing on the street/trails. Kodi isn't great around cats. Kodi does suffer from a seizure disorder which is very well controlled with daily medication and a healthy diet. The seizure medication is about $15-$20 per month. Kodi loves his walks and should have a minimum 1 hour walk daily. Keisha 3 yr (F) walked very well on leash as well and knows her basic commands. She is slightly timid. Keisha showed no signs of aggression and is very affectionate. Keisha too is abit nervous around larger dogs but responed very well when approched by a larger dog during the assessment. Keisha showed slight seperation anxiety when she was seperated from Kodi. She too should have a minimum 1 hour walk daily. We feel Kodi and Keisha are well balanced, affectionate dogs. They are great company to have around and would be ideal pets for the right home.

Last Chance Dog Services, Daisy

Name: Daisy
Breed: Purebred Rhodesian Ridgeback
Sex: F (spayed)
Age: 5 years
Weight: 75 lbs

Daisy is a loving, affectionate girl who came to us when owners lifestyle changed and they were no longer able to provide the level of consistent exercise required for this breed. Daisy was fostered with Last Chance for a period of time and it was found that once gaining her trust, through consistent structure and leadership, there wasn't anything she wouldn't do to please. In that time this cuddly girl learned the basic obedience commands and was quite happy doing the "work" alongside her human. Daisy loves to play tug and chase a ball around the yard, then squirm on her back with her legs in the air for some serious tummy rub action from her handler.
Daisy bonds very tightly to her human and has little interest in other dogs. Cats and farm animals would not be good companions for her as the girl has a high prey drive. Daisy’s best home would be in the country or with a single person or a couple who can get Daisy out for an offleash hike every day to satisfy her energy needs. Someone retired or who works from home would be perfect for this girl, though she can be left alone without incident. Older children would be okay, but Daisy is a one human dog and is very loyal and affectionate.
If you think you may be the right human for Daisy to cuddle up to, the trainer who fostered her would be happy to chat with you and fill you in on all of Daisy’s charms.

Purebred St. Bernard

Name: Sasha 
Breed: Purebred St. Bernard 
Age: 3 years 
Weight: 120 lbs 
Fees: $400 (includes 8 obedience training sessions) 
Status: Adopted 
Shots: Up to date 

Bio: Sasha is a sweet girl originally from Inuvik. Her current owners are sad to have to give her up but they do not have the time to walk her everyday nor can they give her the attention and structure she needs. Sasha gets excited but is friendly when meeting new people. She gets very excited around other dogs and likes to play rough. Sasha currenlty lives with a dog savvy cat but will chase wildlife. Sasha is a watchdog and will bark and be protective of her family/pack. Sasha is a very strong girl and needs someone that can jump into that leadership role and take control of her. Sasha requires the exercise and discipline every dog should have. This sweet girl would make a good companion if given a strong, committed owner and some obedience training. Therefore, we feel Sasha should be put through 8 obedience training sessions (included in her adoption fee).

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